Marcus Liley

Who stole my dishwasher?

Who stole my dishwasher? A client rang this morning upset that the seller had taken the dishwasher & microwave with them. The buyer in question obviously expected these two items to remain with the property, the seller did not. So who was right? […]

Title Insurance

What is Title Insurance? Title insurance is a type of property insurance for buyers and home owners. It protects your ownership and use of the property by guarding against certain risk that may cause loss or affect the ownership. For a one-time premium it provides protection for as long as you […]

Timber pest & building inspection


What to do if timber pest or structural building problems are discovered. If your timber pest and/or structural building inspection report identifies issues, your options will to some extent depend on the wording of the relevant special condition in the contract. This may include the rights to either: Request that […]

Don't email

How one email cost a buyer $14,000

A recent settlement highlighted the need for clients to fully understand the standard clauses in a contract and the definition of the terms used. Learn more...