Guides & Info

Guides & Info

The settlement process can be a stressful time. For some clients it may be your first time. For others it may have been years sine you last bought or sold a property. We have therefore put together the following checklists to assist you.

What do you need to do & when?
Sellers Settlement Flowchart
Sellers Settlement Guide
Buyers Settlement Flowchart
Buyers Settlement Guide

Movers Checklist – guide for buyers & sellers (including Change of Address checklist)

Final Inspection Checklist – a guide to what to look for prior to settlement.


We have also come across the following checklists, tips & guides produced by third parties:

Department of Commerce (Consumer Protection) has a number of guides you should consider before signing a contract

Homebuyer’s Checklist – What to look for inside the house before you sign the contract.

Title Insurance for buyers – Cover yourself against such unknown risks such as illegal structures , boundary disputes, etc.