What is VOI (Verification of Identity)?

The introduction of  Electronic Conveyancing Act 2014  brought with it requirements for conveyancers to take reasonable steps to verify the identify all clients. The VOI practice is designed to reduce the opportunity for land title fraud as a result of identity theft or other improper dealings. Ideally this is completed via a face-to-face interview at our office or a participating Post Office ($49 per person).  Once the contract is unconditional, we will send you a personalised form if you prefer to attend a Post Office!


What is Online/Virtual/Web VOI?

Several companies now offer a Web based solution for verification of identity. It allows our clients to securely upload copies of the required identity documents and take additional steps to prevent fraud. Video/photographs are assessed using facial recognition software and the information contained within documents will be compared to government records. It costs $33.00 per person. Once the contract is unconditional, we will email/SMS an invitation if you select this option.

We have partnered with two trusted companies to provide online VOI solutions for our clients:




What ID is required?


Is my information protected?

Yes, both companies comply with the world’s best-known industry standard for information security management: ISO/IEC 27001.

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